This Is How You Search For The Right Kind Of Vegan Shoes For Women

Remember when original leather and premium or original animal fur was the hottest thing in fashion. And a clear reminder of the movie – 101 Dalmatians, where the antagonist wanted to kill the puppies for their fur. Now people and fashionistas have become more animal-friendly, and killing animals for their fur or skin is considered taboo. People are now opting for vegan foods and even vegan footwear. Also, with the changing trend, one thing never changes duplicate and fake products. Often, the most affordable vegan shoes can be complete fakes and wear out in a couple of wears.

When you are investing in pair of vegetarian shoes or non-leather shoes, you want something that is value for money. Cruelty-free shoes or vegan shoes nowhere means that there will be a compromise on the quality. Additionally, not everyone is aware of how to pick the right vegan women’s shoes.

If you are one of those people who have just started going vegan, here is the guide on

How to search for the right kind of cruelty-free shoes in Mumbai

  1. Familiarize yourself with the vegan shoes

It’s important to understand that be it vegan shoes or your normal shoes. The manufacturers are required to label the composition of the entire cruelty-free shoe or the materials used for manufacturing the different parts of the non-leather shoes. So while buying vegan footwear, you need to check the vegan shoe tag for the following –

  • Upper
  • Lining & Sock
  • Outer Sole

Anything on the vegan shoe tag that says leather, coated leather, suede, or fur, indicates that it is made from animal skin. Hence you might want to avoid all of these.

On the other hand, anything that says PVC, polyurethane, rubber, fabric, and artificial material, on the vegan shoe tag is what you want to go for; while buying cruelty-free shoes for women.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the vegan shoe symbols

At the bottom of the vegan shoe, there is a sticker present. Often the only time we look at the bottom of the shoe and for the sticker is to get rid of it. However, this sticker can be very useful when it comes to checking for vegan footwear. The images that you need to look out for are mentioned below.

So while buying vegan footwear for women, you want to avoid shoes with the sticker for leather or coasted leather or even both. You will need to ensure that you select vegan women’s shoes with the sticker for textile or other materials.

Vegan shoes material

Footwear labelsThese are quick pointers that can get you started on your journey of vegan shoes.







Finally, buying vegan footwear no way means that you will need to compromise on the quality or the design of the shoes. Today, even premiere fashion houses know and understand the impact of genuine leather and animal skin products on wildlife, including shoes. Hence there is a clear trend seen with the top fashion houses all over the globe moving to cruelty-free shoes or vegan footwear. Hence today, when you talk about vegan shoes, there are endless designs that are available. Also, except for the few differences mentioned at the top, there is no difference between a leather shoe and a non-leather shoe.

When buying vegan shoes online, Le’sac is one of the brands that deserve mention. Le’sac is one of the few online stores that sell cruelty-free shoes in Mumbai. They not only have genuine and affordable vegan sandals for women; however, they also have a wide range of other vegan products. Also, read our blog Are you a vegan supporter & wearing normal shoes